Monza Grand Prix review and tips

The biggest tip if, like us, you are on general admittance is get there early!

We got just a Sunday ticket on general admittance. If you come in from Milan go to Milan Centrale. It’s on Metro line M2 and is easy to get to. Here you can leave your luggage (open 6am to midnight) and costs around 10 Euros for the day. Be warned though, it can be hard to find so give yourself plenty of time.

At the station there is a free train to the circuit. Other stations go to Monza but not the closest station to the circuit.

Because it’s free and the only train to go to the circuit it’s busy. The train leaves every 30 minutes but be prepared to queue for at least another 30 minutes to get on the train. Once your on the train it’s hot, so take a fan and water to see you through the half hour slow train ride.

The train will drop you between Lesmo 1 and 2. The path takes you inside the circuit. We walked past Lesmo 2 and up to Ascari. All along here are places to see the track. Although there are lots of trees, no TVs, no banks to stand on,and only a couple of viewing platforms this is the place to go if you have a GA ticket. Everywhere else is taken up with grandstands. We had a good walk around and saw nothing better then by Ascari.

Ascari is a fast flowing chicane and a great place to see the cars arrive fast, touch the brakes and then watch the aeros stick the carto the road as it turns left then right.It’s a great place to see the cars in action.

Vetel leading

Once you’ve found your spot hang your bag on the fence (this seems to be how people reserve a spot) then take a few steps back under the trees out of the sun. If you can take chairs (or even a step ladder!) or something that you are happy to sit on the dry dusty ground.

Take a picnic (burgers 6 Euros), lots of water and a couple of bottle of red (easier to drink warm). To guarantee a good view set up around 10, no later then 11. Any later and you are riding your luck for a good spot. Basicly the bigger the group the earlier you should be.

We were dressed in the Union Jack and hats and had nothing but good humor from the local fans (would not advise this by the first chicane as this is where the hardcore fans watch the race). News of the race developments were passed down the line and people were happy to talk to each other.

Monza GP General Admittance

So you know what to expect!

For some reason it is possible to see the race for free at the first chicane. The locals strap logs to the fence so they can see over the barriers and then get a great view of the track. If you want to do this get there early, wrap up in the Ferrari flag and take some strong cables to tie your log to the fence!

When the race finishes you can get on the track by Ascari but if you want to see the podium get to the entrance of Parabolica before the end of the race. There you can get on the track and, if you run, can make it to the podium.

It’s a great race but just make sure you go prepared for sun, heat, queues, and limited viewing. If you can afford it get a grandstand or a kangaroo TV. A 3 day ticket gives you time to wonder around, we only did 1 day and if you do the same I hope this helps and remember there are hundreds of thousands watching on TV who would love to take your place!

I hope this helps. If you have enjoyed this post please share it, post a comment or subscribe to my blog.


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