Mclaren aims for success with its mp4-12c GT3

This coming year will see the first full season for one of the most anticipated cars of recent years, the Mclaren mp4-12c GT3.

The last time Mclaren built a GT car it produced the astonishing Mclaren F1 which beat all other cars (including the prototypes) at Le Mans first time out. This time around Mclaren are looking at the highly competitve field of GT3.

The new Mclaren mp4-12c GT3

Mclaren mp4-12c GT3 at the 2011 Total Spa 24 hours

True to form Mclaren have looked at everything needed to ensure success. You can read on other blogs and websites about the aero packages, the engine spec and the levels of testing the Mclaren mp4-12c GT3 has been through. This blog is going to look at the customer support provided by Mclaren.

Mclaren has adopted a total “open-doors” policy when it comes to performance and design in dealing with its customers. Engineers from customers such as Gulf Racing have been attending training days at Mclaren’s base in Woking. I have spoken to a couple of engineers running the new Mclaren and they told me how they have been through training days with Mclaren. These days include training on data systems, engine and components such as gear boxes.

On these days Mclaren have been providing a car that has it’s components available for the engineers to play with, the engine removed to show the insides off and gear boxes with cut away sections.

In addition to this Mclaren will be providing support at all major race weekends. They plan to have a service and parts truck at each race of the Blancpain Championship and the FIA GT3 Championship. These trucks will be provided for free (although any parts used will cost!). This means that teams can be confident to have what they need when they need it rather then have to drag around spares for two cars. This is especially useful for a new car that is still in development as teams will not know which parts will be needed more then others.

Mclaren mp4-12c GT3 Spa

Mclaren mp4-12c GT3 showing off its fancy doors at Spa

Mclaren will also provide an engineer to each team over the race weekends, for free. To put this into context and show you how good this service is, Aston Martin charge £1000 per day per engineer. This service will provide a massive boost for teams running the new Mclaren mp4-12c GT3.

These added extras will make the Mclaren mp4-12c GT3 an easy choice for teams looking at which cars to run this coming season.

Put this all together and you can see the determination that Mclaren have to make sure that this car is a success both on the track and off it and being Mclaren you have to take it seriously.

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