Top 10 YouTube Motorsport Videos

A list of top 10 motorsport videos is well overdue. Like most motorsport fans I love watching a great video on YouTube, there are a few out there but it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. For some bizarre reason people feel the need to upload videos of them playing a computer game and then trying to label it as “Best racing video ever!” or “amazing motorsport footage”.  As a result of too many frustrated searches I have put this list of top 10 motorsport videos together so you can watch the best and avoid the worst. All these can be found on the internet, just click on the title to watch, if they are not on the internet for free they are not on the list. That means films like Senna and Le Mans will have to wait for another blog!

10.  Formula 1 Tribute

This 4 minute video has some great footage from Fangio to Schumacher, with great overtakes, some crashes and brilliant shots of those on the side line. It may have got higher up this list of top ten motorsport videos but the upload quality isn’t as good as others on this list.

9.  Fallen Drivers

Out great sport is built on the shoulders of giants and this film is a fitting tribute to the drivers who gave everything they had for their passion.

8.  WRC – Final Stage

With no TV deal, only 2 full time manufacturers and with one driver dominating, this video makes you remember why the WRC is great, with stunning views, brilliant sounds and crazy driving you just have to love the WRC!

7.  Senna’s onboard lap of Monaco

If you haven’t seen this then where have you been for the last 20 years? This is a masterclass on how to drive Monaco, and in many places one-handed!

6.  The Killer Years

This documentary follows the story of Formula 1 through the 1960s and 70s and takes a look at the safety, or lack of, this amazing sport. It is an eye opening story and a must watch film. It has interviews from all the greats of those days, well the ones that survived, and shows some truly shocking footage.

5.  Motorsport – Life in High Gear

This film made by Antti Kalhola in which he again does his thing, Brilliant footage, great sound track and plenty of emotion, the perfect encapsulation of what motorsport is about.

4.  When Playboys ruled the World

This documentary was created by ITV and follows the story of close friends and champions F1 driver James Hunt and Superbikes Barry Sheen. It looks at the world in which they existed in the 1970s and what the world expected of them. With interviews from Sheen’s wife and sister, Hunts brother, Sir Stirling Moss, the great Murray Walker and some very surprising stories from Max Mosley. It was an easy pick to put this brutally honest film in the top 10 of motorsport videos.

3.  Ecurie Eccosie 24 hours of Spa 2011

I love this video, it gives a really good idea of what it is like to race in a 24 hour race for both the driver and the team all in 6 minutes. This race was a landmark for Ecurie Eccosie as it was the first time the team had raced for over 10 years. Added to that because Spa has no noise restrictions this car was fitted with a straight through exhaust which meant that the 6 liter V12 engine could sing!

2.  Truth in 24 hours

This award-winning film is in 13 parts (the link is the for the first one). It follows the Audi team through the build up and preparations for their 2008 victory at Le Mans, including the 12 hours of Sebring and 1000km of Monza. It tells the story through captivating narration, brilliant interviews of the key players and, of course, great footage.

1.  Every Second counts

This is another film from Antti Kalhola and is a compilation of great quotes from supurb drivers, beautiful footage of cars from F1, WRC, Le Mans, DTM and much more all put together with stirring music. It makes you remember why you love motorsport so much. Thanks Antti.

Tell me what you think, leave you comments below and share any videos that you love, and as always life is about sharing so click a couple of the social media buttons below to spread the love!


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