GT Championships Calendars 2012

With the motorsport world re-emerging after a long winter break I thought I would provide a run down of the main GT championships calendars so you won’t miss a race!

World Championships

World GT1

08/04/12 – Nogaro, France

22/04/12 – Zolder, Belgium

27/05/12 – Navarra, Spain Continue reading


Top 10 YouTube Motorsport Videos

A list of top 10 motorsport videos is well overdue. Like most motorsport fans I love watching a great video on YouTube, there are a few out there but it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. For some bizarre reason people feel the need to upload videos of them playing a computer game and then trying to label it as “Best racing video ever!” or “amazing motorsport footage”.  As a result of too many frustrated searches I have put this list of top 10 motorsport videos together so you can watch the best and avoid the worst. All these can be found on the internet, just click on the title to watch, if they are not on the Continue reading

Where do bridesmaids go to retire?

With the announcement that Barichello is being forced to retire from Formula 1 (assuming that he won’t pick up a seat in the next couple of weeks) it’s time to see where the perennial bridesmaid of Formula 1 could go.

One option is to follow the example of others before him and join the world of sports car racing.

To give Rubens some encouragement here are the F1 bridesmaids, flops and no hopers that have gone on to win the greatest race of them all, the 24 hours of Le Mans.

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Le Mans 2012 Speculation Begins…

I know it’s early but with so much speculation about 2012 Le Mans I thought I would throw my hat into the ring with some of my own thoughts on who is going to be doing what in which machines.


As winners of last year, and the year before, it is only right and proper that we start with these guys. So far Audi have kept quiet about any plans for 2012 but personally I do not think that there are going to be any major changes to the R18 on the horizon. With the announcement that Porsche are going to return to Le Mans in 2014 it would be safe to assume that fellow VAG manufacture Audi will step down (the question of whether Porsche will run a diesel is for another post) after 2013 so a new car or power plant seems unlikely. Continue reading